• April 13, 2020
  • Matty
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Let me tell you something… I did a pretty good scouring of the ‘net when I needed a proxy before my first shot at the (2011) Supercontest. I’m in Seattle & even have friends of 30 years living in Vegas – who could probably use the money for just dropping off my picks every week – but when push came to pull I put myself in their position & realized “Hey, I’d have trouble honoring that commitment for 17 straight weeks…& forget about the emails with odds, reminders & confirmations.” So look around for yourself, see if you can find a better deal with a more established & highly rated proxy service – remember, you may not ever meet these people til you fly in to collect. FootballContextProxy did me right this year, & you can bet they’ll be on my sidelines for 2012. On top of that, they’re good people, plain & simple.